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Variety within retail properties is vast. Property type, tenant mix and site location can dramatically impact the success of a retail property and its corresponding financing.

At Bellwether Enterprise, we have an intimate understanding of what this means and have the ability to evaluate each retail property as a singular, distinct asset to maximize its strong points and mitigate its risks.  Bellwether Enterprise can provide a comprehensive, tailored financing solution that meets the needs of your overall strategy and allows your retail property to flourish.


Through our network of lenders, Bellwether Enterprise has the capability to finance most retail properties, including grocery-anchored shopping centers, neighborhood centers, strip retail, single credit tenant sites, shadow-anchored properties, big-box retail, regional malls, ground leases and some restaurants.


We are able to provide acquisition financing, permanent refinancing, and forward loan commitments.  Loan terms range from 3 to 30 years.  Typical amortizations range from 20 to 30 years, with self-liquidating options available.  Interest rates are typically fixed for the term and loans are usually non-recourse. 


Bellwether Enterprise has the experience and relationships to arrange a customized financing solution for your retail property.


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