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Self-Storage properties can be profitable businesses and lucrative investments. At Bellwether Enterprise, we understand that the financing needs of an independent storage facility owner may be dramatically different than those of a large portfolio investor. Just as a storage property's location, management team, construction type, signage and climate control can affect the property's success, so can the terms of its underlying debt.

With access to the most competitive self-storage lenders in the country and a track record of assisting both “mom and pop operators” and institutional investors in this space, Bellwether Enterprise can help make your storage property a success.


We offer permanent loans for self-storage facilities through our insurance company, CMBS, and alternative lending sources that feature terms from five to 25 years.  We have the ability to provide fixed or floating rate loans that can be amortized as long as 30 years. Most of the loans we arrange are non-recourse.


If you are interested in securing financing for a self-storage property, Bellwether Enterprise can help you achieve the loan that meets your specific needs.


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